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Sousaphonix Live

Hi everybody, no later than two years ago… Annunci

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ROADKILL Driving all the day heavy traffic down on my way. Something swept my car just slipped out from that blind back alley bar. Navigator on, riding on my own. Nobody can stop me even some of that stinky thrown … Continua a leggere

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JJEB Spring Tour 2015

…after last year highlanders sighting, the band is already at work for the JJEB Spring Tour 2015! Check the draft: 05.05.2015 IT-Thiene, Auditorium 06.05.2015 IT-Lugagnano, Club Giardino 07.05.2015 IT-Azzano Decimo, Auditorium 08.05.2015 IT-Iseo, Moskito Rocknroll Bar 10.05.2015 NL-Enschede, Mystiek Theatre … Continua a leggere

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