Driving all the day
heavy traffic down on my way.
Something swept my car
just slipped out from that blind back alley bar.

Navigator on,
riding on my own.
Nobody can stop me
even some of that stinky thrown away cigars.

Roadkill worn like a classy treat
Roadkill fits high heels for fancy street.
Roadkill rock(s) your crush
and get you packed.

Don’t you feel all right
in your furry outfit?
Baby good looking!
Feel like cats when lickin’em selves?

Give that rag a break.
Give that dust a brush.
Baby still looking!
Crappy straightjacket won’t tighten you up.

Don’t turn the wipers on!
Don’t touch the lever!
Don’t touch the lever!

Lyrics and music by Franz Bazzani
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