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Come of age

  The music in my shelf. Back to 1969

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ABBB in Italy

Hey, Little Lee what are you doing to me? You tell me that you love me but things ain’t like they used to be! Hey, Little Lee honey come home with me let’s get together one more time and get … Continua a leggere

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Guitar Town 2018

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Exercice de style

ACIDO Ho appreso di normalità e bellezza, non la mia, altra, avvicinando il prezioso che ora toccando scorgi. Provato e detto ciò che non si può predisporre, abbagliante come terra di fuoco, al tuo slancio sciolgo. Anche se l’impazienza prima … Continua a leggere

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Al Brown BB

      More to come but in the meantime click here and get some news: Nidaba  

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Face First – Tribal Tech

Hi everybody! I’m back to great music transcription. Check this out!

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Minor Thing

  Hello my friends, actually there is a mistake for this song is called MINOR THING!!! Cool stuff!      

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Slid away

SLID AWAY So hard to go so sad to know. Heart is a shut down door while turning the light off. Life is more than what you’ve told  it’s a full love to go for. Make a wish on what … Continua a leggere

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UK trip

  Hi rockers! Ready to go and kick! Back Stage Green Hotel           MundellMusic  

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Have you ever been in Ullapool?

Isn’t it cool? JJAB

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