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Sotto casa di Lucio

Hi art lovers, yesterday I was at Lucio’s. What a thrill. Hope you’ll have the chance to visit and support. See you there! Teatro del Navile

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Cochi e Renato

What a cover! 33 LP Vinyl recording

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Don’t give up

  Good morning everybody! What’s in pot? Check AZZURRA  

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Bluesy Sunday

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Italian swing

  I Marrano e il Quartetto Bellimbusti  

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C’è un uomo in mezzo al mar

Special Guest: BIX FACTOR Paolo “Bix” Degiuli – Cornetta Mauro “Otto” Ottolini – Sousaphone Checco Coniglio – Trombone Mauro Negri – Clarinetto Enrico Terragnoli – Banjo Cesare Valbusa – Batteria Steph Ghizzoni – Washboard

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The Joy of Music – L. Bernstein

My new used book: The Joy of Music is the Bernstein’s first book published in 1959. Part of the book is made up of complete transcribed scripts of Bernstein’s television music lectures of the 1950, taken from the tv show … Continua a leggere

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Louis Armstrong

  Louis Armstrong Teatro Nuovo Verona 1955 Courtesy of Gianni Rossi Nota bene: three mics on stage

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James Burton

James Burton is one of the best guitar players to ever touch a fretboard and to ever touch a t-shirt of mine I found this pics about him signing before reaching the stage  to play together in 2006 at the … Continua a leggere

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Back to live

    Back with the music of the swing legend Villa Spinola Soon!

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