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More to come but in the meantime click here and get some news: Nidaba


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Face First – Tribal Tech

Hi everybody!

I’m back to great music transcription.

Check this out!

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Minor Thing


Hello my friends,

actually there is a mistake for this song is called MINOR THING!!!

Cool stuff!




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Slid away


So hard to go
so sad to know.
Heart is a shut down door
while turning the light off.

Life is more than what you’ve told 
it’s a full love to go for.
Make a wish on what will come
don’t stop now on what is gone.

Can we stay some more
having crush to share?
Can we live some more
having hopes to care?      

You can see distant horizons
gripping at a strong love.
You can glimpse of distant love 
stalling on a lonely dock.

Can we have some more   
relying on wheezing lung? 
Can we give some more
hanging on a sliding away hold? 


Lyrics and music by Franz Bazzani
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UK trip


Hi rockers!

Ready to go and kick!

Back Stage Green Hotel








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Have you ever been in Ullapool?

Isn’t it cool?


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Magic Blues review


In the newspaper LA REGIONE – Il giornale della Svizzera Italiana.

Thanks to Gioele and the whole staff for the great words.

The blues keeps on pulsing.


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Franco Cerri’s memorabilia




Look at this: it’s a great pleasure and honor to recall this lines written by the story of Italian jazz guitar.

Franco Cerri

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Let’s rock!


Hot season my friend!

Magic Blues Festival

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Blues and roll time



Summing up!

Bulldog’s Holland Pub

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