JJEB Workshop



Waiting for you…

A lot of fun and great music!


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JJEB – Blue Note Milano

Hello again…still on the scene!

Hope you get this place on March,

the band is in town – check this and  FB

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JJEB – On the road soon


… tasting some wine in the meanwine…


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Al Brown Blues Band – LIVE AT CANTINE

Hi folks,

new recording on the way!!

Talk soon…


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Braystorm time!





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Get through


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Blues time


Hi guys,

time for a blues blowout!

We are going to be at Cantine just the day before.

Check it now!

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Second version


Flawless flaw streaking your sweet skin,
nobody can take it, even if you’ve seen it.
Flawless flaw kissing your soft lips,
nobody can touch it
even if you like it.  

Down in that deep bottom drawer
everything looks like only yon can find lost socks.
There’s some invisible package
wraping up dark reflections coming to life.
Colors that revive inside you,
smells that break out like a very wide cloud,
Rainbow if it isn’t raining,
flowery dresses even if you don’t wear them.

Bedquake striking your bleakness
nobody can stop it
even if you want it.
Flawless flaw kissing your soft lips,
nobody can touch it
maybe even I can’t.

Spot that flashed what a kiss sealed,
air blue sky above very sheer light below.
Fall that’s swamping the jumble,
trick that freezes any icy way out.
Gazing out tight lazy keyholes,
climbing on a flat ground, sliding on a loose town.
Sun that warms up my big toe,
night that turns the stars on, candle burning wax off.

Maybe even I can’t
Maybe even I can’t
Maybe even I can’t


Lyrics and music by Franz Bazzani


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On the way


LoUd aNd LoUd!!!

Click here!

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J. Jorgenson Electric Band


Click here to satisfy your curiosity!

Back soon!

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