Blues and Rhythm – Live at Cantine

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Clusone July 2013

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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame


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Copper Mountain – Colorado

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Blues in Britain

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AL BROWN BAND: Live At Cantine
Azzurra Music TRI 1307 (53:00)
Is It True/ Early In The Morning/ Glamour Girl/ Times
Getting Tougher Than Tough/ I’m Still In Love With You/
Side Tracked/ Checking On My Baby/ It’s Raining In My
Heart (Hey Little Lee)

This is the sophomore release by the hugely talented Glasgow-based guitarist (and he’s not a bad singer either!) Al Brown.
This is a live recording, cut in Italy at Cantine de l’Arena in Verona. Support is regular bass player Alan Thomson plus a brace of very good local lads – Franz Bazzani on keys, and Cesare Valbusa on drums. It’s an eight-track set, and all numbers are covers.
The set opens with the Dave Bartholomew/Pearl King number ‘Is It True’, taken at a slightly faster tempo than The Spiders original, Brown delivers a tight, swinging version, with some nifty organ from Bazzani, and a very tasty solo from the man himself on guitar. Next up, he revisits (it is on his debut release ‘Scufflin’’ – reviewed in B&R 313) the old Louis Jordan number ‘Early In The Morning’ (Hickman/Jordan/Bartley comps.), Brown retains a subtle Latin tinge while dispensing with the overtly Cubano tinges of Jordan’s original. Very nice version!
There is a brace of T-Bone Walker numbers – ‘Glamour Girl’ (stretched out to a big ten minutes) and ‘I’m Still In Love With You’, Brown has obviously studied the master long and hard, but is no mere clone always adding that little touch of individual piquancy. ‘Side Tracked’ is a hard-charging run through Freddie King’s original. Every time I hear a version of one of the Big Man’s instrumentals I always mentally compare it to King himself, however Brown does not let the side down though, rendering a tasteful interpretation of this instrumental classic.
The final number is Slim Harpo’s ‘It’s Raining In My Heart’ (to be strictly accurate ‘Rainin’ In My Heart’) and is something of a mystery. My CD player lists it at 11:39, however it only lasts about 6:18, however if you leave it running, after about three minutes of silence a track fades in which lo and behold is ‘Hey Little Lee’ (which explains the appendage in the track listing), it fades out after about two minutes. However, if you switch off your CD player at the end of ‘Rainin’’ you would never know it was there! Odd! Anyway, Brown’s interpretation of ‘Rainin’’ is more country than swamp, nothing wrong with that though.
I was very impressed with his ‘Scufflin’’ release and this set is just as good. Try if you would like a copy, or, if you can, you can visit Al’s Facebook page (just search for Al Brown) and I assume he could point you in the right direction to obtain a copy.
Recommended by this reviewer. Tell him B&R sent you!

Phil Wight

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Feeding the bluesmen


Thanks to all the Norwegian supporters and specially to Henriette. Great time there!

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Norway – Sandefjord


After one beer there is another one on the 8th of June at Draaben Bar

It always matches good music!

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Hello my friends!

Ready to Norway?

On the 7th of June


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Classic Rock




Thanks to
Classic Rock
and Anna Minguzzi!



Text and pics by Anna Minguzzi

There are just a couple of tiny yelllow streetlights to brighten the way to let the ex Teatro dei Tamburi sticking out the countryside of Reggio Emilia. It’s raining and it seems like November.

After entering the pub, a little happiness concentrate, hospitality and excellent sounds, with warm colored walls full of Cuba pictures and a maxi screen broadcasting an Allman Brothers live let you feel the right mood.

On this little stage, facing a focused and prepared audience, the John Jorgenson Band is going to perform a very high rock degree live.

Nothing so strange if you think to the long and prolific career of the bandleader full of special collaborations probably the most famous being the one with the Elton John Band, without forgetting the country, the bluegrass and the blues ones that let this artist moving from genre to genre with a great self-confidence. With Alan Thomson on bass, Franz Bazzani on keys and Cesare Valbusa on drums, Jorgenson controls the tracklist relying just on the sensations to choose the songs to play one by one.

There is time for original songs as Here and Now or great timeless classics as 16 Tons and Tobacco Road, that gives John the chance to put down the guitar to taking on the sax.

In my secret life by Leonard Cohen is probably one of the most touching number with impressing atmospheres and whispered backing vocals a pure demonstration of the band music styles acknowledge.

In all this the key role is always the one of John Jorgenson, a consummate artist, credible never going beyond.

The sensation is to have a musician in the house that puts together versatility, technique and appeal, characteristics that can enchant anybody is listening. Not so many words to capture the audience, some licks or chords progression or precious solos to catch everybody’s attention. Never to much.

The whole skillfull instrumentalists bunch, the great amount of different music directions and the energy of the show confirm the tightness of the crew, that combines authentic emotions with the taste for melody and rock sides.

Don’t forget it when the band is going to be in town again.

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