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“Trichordal music (or musica tricordale) makes use of the “trichordal technique”.
Trichordal technique is a new pitch-set designed to compose music based on what is called the “two-tone trichord”.
The “two-tone trichord” is a group of three pitches of the tempered scale consisting of two whole tones: for example A – G – F, without any semitones between the three pitches.
This small entity deliberately and historically aims to remind us of the Greek tetrachord, the difference being that the tetrachord uses a pitch-entity of 4 sounds instead of the 3 of trichordal technique.
After long reflection on the quality and weight of the sounds used to generate compositions, and also on the too limited octave space that contained all the past composition techniques that used the tempered scale, whether tonal or total-chromatic, Francesco Valdambrini decided to initiate the trichordal set at a time when the twelve
tones (or, as Schoenberg would say, the pantonal 12 sound) were being arranged side-by-side and superimposed without any difference in weight and dignity, creating – through “atonal music”, dodecaphonic music, structural music, etc. – a huge number of total-chromatic works that offer the ear a sense of hearing and taste deriving from
the almost constant presence of all the twelve tones. The clusters also continue to confirm the twelve-tone ghetto within the octave range.
The “trichordal idea” comes into being as a reaction against the ageing of the total-chromatic sense of hearing, which runs the risk of monotonous greyness with its constant insistence on the equality of weight and quality of the twelve tones and on the quantitative limits of their number: i.e. just twelve tones.”
(From La musica tricordale published by Arca Musica Trento)

For a complete Italian survey of this topic, please refer to this link!

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Idem as below

Under attack…!

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Auto Generation – Braystorm

Fried Future · Franz Bazzani Braystorm ℗
2017 Franz Bazzani Released on: 2017-12-20
Auto-generated by YouTube.

Hello youtubers, sometimes you don’t know who to thank…
This time is for the Youtube auto-generation!

If you feel like spend some time in listening some music
please auto-listen this auto-production!

If you have more time than one song don’t miss this chance!

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Teatro Romano – Casarotti and Friends 2018


Thanks to Alberto Casalini


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More than a rocknroller


Good morning!

Have you been there?

Small place big gigs!


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Back to school


One more chance my friends! We have so much work to do.

Thanks to Moreno Zanardo

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Malcesine Blues Festival 2016


Thanks to Claudia Murgese and Blues Made in Italy for the beautiful pic!

Contact: blues

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James Burton in Italy

No words to describe the kind of great night we spent together.

The band: James Burton, Luca Olivieri, Cesare Valbusa, Ale Tosi and me…

Rocknroll and fun are raw power!

Thanks to all my friends. Hope to get more soon



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An icon…

Mr. Robben Ford on stage.

Thanks to Cynthia Boulanger

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Copper Mountain Treat

Great pics!!!

Check also the gallery…

Thanks to Cynthia Boulanger



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