Love get(s) lost


Ain’t gonna have
that shape of day and you ain’t gonna have your downwind.
Ain’t gotta feel,
the same, but love can get your heart still sane today.

Ain’t gonna have,
your best and you ain’t gonna have few quests.
is facing you along the edge,
but love can get your heart still raised,
and love can’t wait to find you out and carry on.

Sometimes love get lost,
leaves you alone, blew by sneeze out.
Keep on believing, love will come back one more,
it loves you more than any song.

Your tireless soul,
that one no stream can drowned it out.
You ain’t forget
but love can get your heart still safe again.

Maybe there’s no way, sometimes love get lost,
one more page before the chapter break but I know that I’m not mistaken.
For hands are not enough, I strive to save what happens once,
love will give you much more,
love will love you so strong,
love is on its way home,
it loves you more than any song.

Lyrics and music by Franz Bazzani
Dedicated to all the artists I’ve missed in my life.
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Blues a gogo














Hi guys!!!
Have fun!

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Kayman Records



Wear your best black tie…

Check it out!

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Muddy Friday




Exactly what you need next Friday…come on!

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From Holland

Schermata 2015-11-28 alle 09.53.06


…so often friends remember friends…

Good job!


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Blues from Scotland



14th of January: Teatro Sona – Verona
15th of January: Locanda dei Musicisti Tenno TN
16th of January: Mondelli Stable – Flumignano UD
17th of January: Cantine de l’Arena – Verona



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Back on planet Earth




Stay tuned, more live coming up!


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Mondelli Stable


See you there for a very great rocknroll night!!!!


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Rocknroll soldier


Standing in trench grabbing my gears,
wearing my flashes on a very nice tuft.
Every time ready for an overtime baby,
a little bit stiff but always ready to kick.

Rocknroll soldier ain’t no lies on my fingers.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no plugs for my triggers.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no bags for the stickers.
Rocknroll soldier rocking out tonight!

Looking through the lens on a shady perspective,
jamming frontline, painting tiny tin soldiers.
Loading my pieces with a multiple round,
a little bit stiff but hardly knocked down.

Rocknroll soldier ain’t no mic for my band.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no night without bag.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no sticks for my drum.
Rocknroll soldier rocking out tonight!

Rocknroll soldier ain’t no word ‘bout my gang.
Rocknroll soldier one more gig for my fan.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no slide for this strings.
Rocknroll soldier…please…one more pick for my licks!

Rocknroll soldier ain’t no stems for my whishes.
Rocknroll soldier one more track for my list.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no tip to play all right.

 Rocknroll soldier rocking out tonight!
Rocknroll soldier rocking out tonight!

Rocknroll soldier ain’t no gate from this cage.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no stop for my trane.
Rocknroll soldier ain’t no cloud on my stage.

Rocknroll soldier, rocknroll soldier!

Lyrics and music by Franz Bazzani

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